Sunday, 26 September 2010

Walking blindly on Silver Line.

As the sound of soothing shore crossed the deaf ears and the smell of fresh ocean filled the breathe, closed eyes opened and waves were seen going away. Just a matter of time and they came back to the land and left after sometime.. Time out! Thought of family, finance and business; soon everything came back to normal, ears were deaf again and lungs were filled with air rather the freshness of ocean touch. Life of a common man, unread, unsaid and unwanted by the rest of the world.
Time reaps, heals, hurts, loves, cares and lives, even after we are gone and gone for good!
History of the world, we believe it all, based on what? things that we see and hear with blind eyes and deaf ears. Mathematics of the world, based on what? things that we calculate, transact and observe. Every moment of life we live on the silver lining, a hope of the good sect!
Life begins at 40 and death begins at 60, who says? Life begins with freedom, freedom to realize that there is no fear. What you do today is a past the very next second! We preserve our this moment on the same silver lining to better our past of the future.
Falling short of words.. Perhaps you can fill some more....

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Anika said...

So true and beautifully written!
You are GOOOOD! :O