Thursday, 2 April 2009

Story of H4X0R

Fucked up hearts, smashed emotions and screwed up thoughts, a key, to think, something, in a new way. Understanding the human psyche, getting out of the life's rhythm when days and nights look all the same, sleep, then is no more a need but just a part of nature. I was something else, someone who was more of a saviour and less of the destructor, out of compassion for a new rhythm that life was taking me towards, I kept on walking to find that the saviour is a part of destructor, where the world seemed to be 0wn3d, where everything seemed so alike, everyone were so alike, as words of +++The Mentor+++, everything seemed to be so true. Quotes and phrases, dialogues and speeches, attitude and behaviour, everything seemed to be so same, there was not just one, there were many. No genetics matched yet long lost brothers were found.
Everyone were on the verge of attaining the correct path of nirvana, there was no lust greater than fucking a server, there was no hug greater than a simple smiley, there was no leader, there were no followers, everyone were the same, everyone alike.
I am a saint, no opposite or same gender person can divert my attention. I am under a constant meditation, a constant penance, a constant urge to seek after knowledge, a patience to sustain the failures, a courage to keep myself on, speaking silent words, no greed for materialistic world, infact, my world is no more material world, money cannot buy me, threat cannot stop me and really not so famous in the world.
'I' in this paper is 'one of we', each "I in we" is unique and as usual, I am called "a kid". Yes, I am a kid. The one who learns by himself is a kid, the one who respect others is a kid, the one who has no religious bias is a kid, the one whose intentions are innocent and whose academics has no progress, as a wise one said, "damn kids, they are all alike.".
If one goes the other takes the position. This 0wn3d virtual world, has many destinations but no source.