Friday, 28 November 2008

India doesn't DESERVE a saviour

Things happened, happening and will keep on happening. India is a place of war since the start of kalyug, even indian god played politics, its all about empire. Human is still an animal, well, to my notice I would like to mention that being social is being animal, if society exists there is a need of a leader "sattah".
In response to what Harman wrote, I would like to mention that there cannot be a saviour within us because then even this saviour would be listening to some politicians crap, for an instance, if superman has to live in Mumbai, his mother tongue should be Marathi else he will be casted out by Shiv sena. He needs to work only when he is with congress or BJP, as you must have seen, Beloved Advani made his comments saying "Our intellegence system is bad" its not Our, he pointed to Congress who is a ruling party. Advertisements that we seen, one of which some leader from Rajasthan said while also displaying current status of Mumbai"Kya denge aap congress ko vote?" wow, I never knew she had time to 'act' for commercial when Mumbai was still under terror and if superman existed blame would "superman is from congress" lol. Politics will always be the same. People vote with hope that someone will listen to their fears, someone will give them peace, someone will be the one to walk with them, someone who will be their saviour, but, world doesn't deserve a saviour.
Terrorists have won in their motive of terrorizing the innocents, if they don't terrorize they wont be terrorists, you cannot expect good from them nor mercy but, what you expect from people and government, we always need a second thought.
Things were, are and will always be the same, if BJP doesn't rule, congress will, if congress doesn't rule, BJP will and Shiv sena will always show their patriotism when it is valentines day or christmas day because come on, terrorists will kill people, simple but western culture is more dangerous you see...
Sometimes, I feel, I want to write, keep writing, talk and keep talking, shake people and wake them off but, then I loose hope and concentrate on myself because matter of fact is, to speak are many but to listen are none. To save are many but choosing not be saved are us.