Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Enlightenment, samadhi, one of the most beautiful words to hear and to respect. Enlightenment means to find god and to understand the true meaning of god, understanding the true meaning of 'The whole' and being with whole as one. Enlightenment is a state when you realize that there is nothing more to achieve, nothing more to go and no more way ahead, you cannot know more than this and it’s the end of everything that you always longed for. Samadhi is attained not just by leaving your body or by being in the deepest meditation state. It is attained by ending everything that you hope and expect. Happy and content, content thus happy. To find nothing more than what is found is enlightenment. Finding god means there is nothing more you can find, finding love means there is no more expectation than this, finding truth means there is no bitterness in the truth, acceptance is like a medicine, bitter. Acceptance truth is the best medicine. Enlightenment is to find everything wonderful and joyous. It is the state that makes you realize that you are unique. God is not about the great big picture of spiritualism; it’s about the small details of that big picture. God is not found when you donate plenty of money and be famous for your generosity, god is found when you secretly let one human smile at you, it is when you donate your time to make someone happy. God is not found in offering beautiful flowers, it is found in the fragrance of love that you offer. Winning is not just earning money; it is earning respect more than your money brings with it. Care is not about stopping the one you love from falling, care is when you make them fall and make them realize that there is always a way to get up. Bravery is not going against your enemy with full forge aggression; it is when you make your enemy love you more than your enemy loves himself. Finding god is not deep meditation and lot of spiritual prayers, god is found in the silent thought of bliss. God is not the blossom, it is the tiny bud that waits for a sunshine every morning, let yourself shine. God is not found in statues, it is the faith of the devotee, that turns that statue into the replica of god. God is not a great human being, it is nothing, yet something that is everything. God is not found by donating million bucks towards an animal welfare society, it is when you hug those animals irrespective of germs. Meditation doesn’t help you find god, finding your own self is finding god.

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