Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Not Just Philosophy ~ Life!

If you analyze a bit more, you shall realize that I have put an exclamation besides the word Life. Now, what is that supposed to be? We exclaim once we are surprised, surprise can be good or bad but remains surprise. Surprise is always unexpected and anything unexpected is an exclamation. Life is simply an exciting unexpected surprise! (Yes, go on, read this sentence again). Things may flip 180 even before you try to know it through and through, as it always does, not a news flash anymore! Circumstances changes the way man lives his life and vice versa, man can change the circumstances by living in a way that will create the circumstances that he wants. Alright, enough of saturating your mind with my analysis. My point here is to convey that Life is an exclamation, full of surprises, may be, some of your likes and some of your dislikes, again, things always change and modify. ‘Modification is the law of world’, as famous geetaParivartan sansar ka neeyam hai’, for many of you let me bring this to light that Parivartan means modification and not change! Change is reversible whereas modification is irreversible, similarly, life is an irreversible change, once lost is lost forever, no other option, shop closed, move on, there is something new on the other street, life is a journey without destination just few junctions called death! (Yes, surprising isn’t it, that’s life!) Because, as I mentioned in my earlier article that, life is a tenure that your soul lives. Live the moment and cherish it the way it is, things will change and keep on flipping with irreversible changes, always remember, anything and everything in this world is replaceable. However, acceptance is all you need, acceptance of life and its flipping attribute; let us put aside all the work for a moment and thank god for the things he has blessed us with, challenges he gave us to learn more in life, let us convey our apology to all the living beings with a warm heart for now you know that Life is just a journey of few breathes! All it takes is one word from your mouth ‘sorry’ and then see How life flips 180 and gives you another exciting surprise!


light said...

s00rY :P

Vivek said...

I need to spend minimum 2hrs to read these all :| i will do it :) ;)