Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mo+ive - Motive

Yet another innovative topic! Mo+ive, which has a message that shows motive is +ive (positive). Anything that makes you grow faster and encourages you in anything is positive. Knowing, a motive makes a man go in a particular direction, and that itself is encouragement that makes you go faster. Nothing is bad and nothing is negative.

Practically, positive and negative both are the same entity but different levels. Motive is always positive.

(Warning: Rack your brains, deep logic ahead!)

When I say positive, I mean anything and everything. If you notice a bipolar pencil battery that has a positive and negative marking and when you test the flow of current, you will realize that there is only positive that is flowing and not the negative. How did anyone differentiate between positive and negative then? Answer is simple, lack of an entity in a particular thing in comparison with the other similar thing makes it negative, charge is present in both the poles but, one lacks in comparison with the other, thus, it is called negative. If I have charge 6 and I have charge 4 then, 6 is positive and 4 is negative; now, I add charge 8, now 6 is negative whereas 8 is positive. Here, I mean to mention is ‘even negative is positive somewhere down the line’. Stealing is negative, but, it is a wonderful art, it is test of smart skills, etc. Stealing is positive somewhere too, but, made negative (that doesn’t mean, your father calls me to complain about his lost wallet tomorrow morning!). Anything that drives you towards anything is always positive, motive is a goal that makes you chase it and attain it.

Have a motive in life, not just life, in year, in a month, in a day and even an hour, even a second. My motive was to write this and I wrote this in 2days, my motive is yet not over unless you get my message. Let us now get into a direction to move, direction to live every second, every breath you take and every breath that is taken away! To live and learn is the motive of Life and the way to do it is, learning to have a motive, that makes you live every moment with joy and smile, nothing is negative, thought is a thought; lack of thoughtful thought is negative, while you meditate, don’t get distracted when you get into some bad things as a part of your powerful imagination, its human, its nature, its just a thought, move on, see what more things to come, if you face a jeopardy in life, its just a part of life, not the entire life! Move on. Keep moving is the way you motivate your motive to live happily ever after!


CooL LeO said...

True to the bottom...this is driving me towards a responsible motive now wud always be to have sm motive now....

Vivek said...

KD u rock as always !