Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Love is Conditional!

Don’t you think, there is something missing in the title? I feel, it’s correct! Love is supposed to be unconditional, take the person and things as it is, without any change, etc. I mentioned this earlier; this column is not about philosophy but about practical things. Love is a poor emotion that faces lot of difficulties after establishing itself, love means joy of living, may be with someone, something, self or god. Love is supposed to make you happy and content, content thus happy; but, we never accept it without doubts, not just love, anything with higher value or anything positive makes us doubt it. Love is conditional, the only condition is to be unconditional. Being unconditional is a condition into itself, similarly; being loved by someone is losing love to the self, think again!

When we say that I love something or someone, we are just exaggerating our feeling to like something, when we like something we do have expectations, compromises and greed. If someone says I love my religion and want to follow it, if you ask him the reason, you will get it! To like without a reason, without expectation, without greed and without compromises is love, practically, it’s a fairy-tale word. So lets forget it.

Learn to like something in a loving way, as I gave an example of a person who says that he loves his religion, once he gets into a craze, he shall ask to forgo everything and attain sainthood. If you ask the reason to attain sainthood, he would say to attain salvation; any answer that has a word ‘to’ shows greed and a reason, a condition. If he is convinced that there is no salvation, path chances in a second. This is how we think; we loose things, important things in blindness or darkness of spiritualism in the name of religion. Love is one of the most beautiful imaginations once someone did, to discover this lovely word. When you want to be loved by someone, you expect that person to love you unconditionally, but, isn’t your expectation, a condition into itself? Think again!

God is asking you to love yourself, not to expect anything, not to be greedy, he shall show you the way to get something that you deserve, love yourself and someone will learn from you and start to yourself. When, I say Love yourself, it should be mistaken as being selfish, because, being selfish isn’t loving yourself as selfishness is a part of greed. Take sometime, ask yourself, What you need? What is lack? What you expect? Are you happy with the self? Talk your own soul, when you don’t talk to someone but with the self, you talk with the soul, the one in you, tell your soul that you will give sometime in a day, know each other, love each other, yet the same. Love in only one condition, of being unconditional.


light said...

awesome dude@ Ashok

Bikash said...

Yes friend,Its surely conditional as given to criminals conditional bail.I have come across my own all the GFs.. who made love only for some gains and saying bye once for all..... like getting into one Govt city Bus and getting down at own destinated stop.

Anonymous said...

awesome bhaiya @ swaraj

Vivek said...

Oh ye full senti :x

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