Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Illusion or Life?

When I say "What we seek is a peace in Life and what we owe are the pieces of life". It simply means that we don't know what we do in our life, if asked to define the word, life; some would call it love, some would say, living every moment, etc. When we were young, we were learning many things, we call it infant life; when we grew a bit we started having friends, we started playing, laughing, crying, etc, we call it school life; When we started bunking lectures, started messing with professors, secretly watching porn, had crush on pals, cried for love, etc, we call it college life; When we shall start taking initiative for our parents and our life, start earning, start to know what is commitment, harsh phase of life, we call it marriage life; When we will play with our grand children, pampering them, shouting at our kids for their kids, seeking support of the beloved ones; When we shall realize that beauty has a tenure, we call it old age life; When we are about to die, we will recall all the things that we did, smiling and content, forgiving and forgetting everyone, you want no one to join you because you still love them and finally you seek peace, a good sleep of your life, we call it end of life. Five sentences called Life with comma, semicolon and full stop at the end.

We just existed, took things as they are, accepting the facts and to move along with them, soon existence will get over. Existence has tenure, life doesn't. Life is a tenure that your soul lives, your body simply exists, following the protocols set by some other existing being, like a slave.

Wake up, morning prayers, work or study, come back home, good night sleep. This is what I call it as ‘Routine’ and not life.

The reason behind discussing this, is to make you realize something and not to make you analyze anything because I believe Life is simple, Life is excitement, in short:

Stop analyzing, start living because Life is simply an excitement to live!

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