Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I, s(aint)

That is not a typing mistake, it’s a hidden message! and if you understand the hidden message, you get to know the entire topic in and out. Another name for the same would be surd – Voiceless Sound.

The person should be at its either, good or bad. If a person choose to be saint let him continue being a saint and if a person choose to be s(aint) let him be s(aint). For an instance, I have seen many people who pray till their guts are out for the sake of doing it and not for the motive to do it. I asked an elderly person about some gyaan over spiritualism. He asked to stay away from emotional-attachment moh, illusionary-belief maya, lust kaam, anger krodh, etc. I said “well I know all these, so any other big deal?” he said “no! But, I try to be away from them, we are not god but, we can atleast try to be one!” that sounded good to me, further I asked “alright, well I guess you believe to be away from these since about 15yrs” he replied, “Yes!”, I quickly asked “How far did you reach in these 15 years?” He said, “Well… I am trying”. It wont be possible for him to do what he said, he pretends and tries to be saint but he aint! I mean here is, whatever you do, no matter what, be happy and content with your deed, practically, we cannot leave these so called negative emotions, so why even try to leave them. Here is a simple solution, carry on with the work you doing, lead the life, you are leading, but, again there is something called is spiritualism, must not forget that, leave it to experts ;-), Approach a spiritual mentor (guru) and ask him to take care of the spiritual-you and you take care of the practical-you. Don’t be S(aint) and be different than you spell. Follow the set of protocols that your soul feels are correct, because, religion is for your soul and your soul has some belonging rules, which is called religion. Escalate the impossible to the expert and Lead your life and while leading you will realize that you are Living your Life as a S(aint)!

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Vivek said...

You are a saint :/