Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Love is Conditional!

Don’t you think, there is something missing in the title? I feel, it’s correct! Love is supposed to be unconditional, take the person and things as it is, without any change, etc. I mentioned this earlier; this column is not about philosophy but about practical things. Love is a poor emotion that faces lot of difficulties after establishing itself, love means joy of living, may be with someone, something, self or god. Love is supposed to make you happy and content, content thus happy; but, we never accept it without doubts, not just love, anything with higher value or anything positive makes us doubt it. Love is conditional, the only condition is to be unconditional. Being unconditional is a condition into itself, similarly; being loved by someone is losing love to the self, think again!

When we say that I love something or someone, we are just exaggerating our feeling to like something, when we like something we do have expectations, compromises and greed. If someone says I love my religion and want to follow it, if you ask him the reason, you will get it! To like without a reason, without expectation, without greed and without compromises is love, practically, it’s a fairy-tale word. So lets forget it.

Learn to like something in a loving way, as I gave an example of a person who says that he loves his religion, once he gets into a craze, he shall ask to forgo everything and attain sainthood. If you ask the reason to attain sainthood, he would say to attain salvation; any answer that has a word ‘to’ shows greed and a reason, a condition. If he is convinced that there is no salvation, path chances in a second. This is how we think; we loose things, important things in blindness or darkness of spiritualism in the name of religion. Love is one of the most beautiful imaginations once someone did, to discover this lovely word. When you want to be loved by someone, you expect that person to love you unconditionally, but, isn’t your expectation, a condition into itself? Think again!

God is asking you to love yourself, not to expect anything, not to be greedy, he shall show you the way to get something that you deserve, love yourself and someone will learn from you and start to yourself. When, I say Love yourself, it should be mistaken as being selfish, because, being selfish isn’t loving yourself as selfishness is a part of greed. Take sometime, ask yourself, What you need? What is lack? What you expect? Are you happy with the self? Talk your own soul, when you don’t talk to someone but with the self, you talk with the soul, the one in you, tell your soul that you will give sometime in a day, know each other, love each other, yet the same. Love in only one condition, of being unconditional.

Mo+ive - Motive

Yet another innovative topic! Mo+ive, which has a message that shows motive is +ive (positive). Anything that makes you grow faster and encourages you in anything is positive. Knowing, a motive makes a man go in a particular direction, and that itself is encouragement that makes you go faster. Nothing is bad and nothing is negative.

Practically, positive and negative both are the same entity but different levels. Motive is always positive.

(Warning: Rack your brains, deep logic ahead!)

When I say positive, I mean anything and everything. If you notice a bipolar pencil battery that has a positive and negative marking and when you test the flow of current, you will realize that there is only positive that is flowing and not the negative. How did anyone differentiate between positive and negative then? Answer is simple, lack of an entity in a particular thing in comparison with the other similar thing makes it negative, charge is present in both the poles but, one lacks in comparison with the other, thus, it is called negative. If I have charge 6 and I have charge 4 then, 6 is positive and 4 is negative; now, I add charge 8, now 6 is negative whereas 8 is positive. Here, I mean to mention is ‘even negative is positive somewhere down the line’. Stealing is negative, but, it is a wonderful art, it is test of smart skills, etc. Stealing is positive somewhere too, but, made negative (that doesn’t mean, your father calls me to complain about his lost wallet tomorrow morning!). Anything that drives you towards anything is always positive, motive is a goal that makes you chase it and attain it.

Have a motive in life, not just life, in year, in a month, in a day and even an hour, even a second. My motive was to write this and I wrote this in 2days, my motive is yet not over unless you get my message. Let us now get into a direction to move, direction to live every second, every breath you take and every breath that is taken away! To live and learn is the motive of Life and the way to do it is, learning to have a motive, that makes you live every moment with joy and smile, nothing is negative, thought is a thought; lack of thoughtful thought is negative, while you meditate, don’t get distracted when you get into some bad things as a part of your powerful imagination, its human, its nature, its just a thought, move on, see what more things to come, if you face a jeopardy in life, its just a part of life, not the entire life! Move on. Keep moving is the way you motivate your motive to live happily ever after!

I, s(aint)

That is not a typing mistake, it’s a hidden message! and if you understand the hidden message, you get to know the entire topic in and out. Another name for the same would be surd – Voiceless Sound.

The person should be at its either, good or bad. If a person choose to be saint let him continue being a saint and if a person choose to be s(aint) let him be s(aint). For an instance, I have seen many people who pray till their guts are out for the sake of doing it and not for the motive to do it. I asked an elderly person about some gyaan over spiritualism. He asked to stay away from emotional-attachment moh, illusionary-belief maya, lust kaam, anger krodh, etc. I said “well I know all these, so any other big deal?” he said “no! But, I try to be away from them, we are not god but, we can atleast try to be one!” that sounded good to me, further I asked “alright, well I guess you believe to be away from these since about 15yrs” he replied, “Yes!”, I quickly asked “How far did you reach in these 15 years?” He said, “Well… I am trying”. It wont be possible for him to do what he said, he pretends and tries to be saint but he aint! I mean here is, whatever you do, no matter what, be happy and content with your deed, practically, we cannot leave these so called negative emotions, so why even try to leave them. Here is a simple solution, carry on with the work you doing, lead the life, you are leading, but, again there is something called is spiritualism, must not forget that, leave it to experts ;-), Approach a spiritual mentor (guru) and ask him to take care of the spiritual-you and you take care of the practical-you. Don’t be S(aint) and be different than you spell. Follow the set of protocols that your soul feels are correct, because, religion is for your soul and your soul has some belonging rules, which is called religion. Escalate the impossible to the expert and Lead your life and while leading you will realize that you are Living your Life as a S(aint)!

Not Just Philosophy ~ Life!

If you analyze a bit more, you shall realize that I have put an exclamation besides the word Life. Now, what is that supposed to be? We exclaim once we are surprised, surprise can be good or bad but remains surprise. Surprise is always unexpected and anything unexpected is an exclamation. Life is simply an exciting unexpected surprise! (Yes, go on, read this sentence again). Things may flip 180 even before you try to know it through and through, as it always does, not a news flash anymore! Circumstances changes the way man lives his life and vice versa, man can change the circumstances by living in a way that will create the circumstances that he wants. Alright, enough of saturating your mind with my analysis. My point here is to convey that Life is an exclamation, full of surprises, may be, some of your likes and some of your dislikes, again, things always change and modify. ‘Modification is the law of world’, as famous geetaParivartan sansar ka neeyam hai’, for many of you let me bring this to light that Parivartan means modification and not change! Change is reversible whereas modification is irreversible, similarly, life is an irreversible change, once lost is lost forever, no other option, shop closed, move on, there is something new on the other street, life is a journey without destination just few junctions called death! (Yes, surprising isn’t it, that’s life!) Because, as I mentioned in my earlier article that, life is a tenure that your soul lives. Live the moment and cherish it the way it is, things will change and keep on flipping with irreversible changes, always remember, anything and everything in this world is replaceable. However, acceptance is all you need, acceptance of life and its flipping attribute; let us put aside all the work for a moment and thank god for the things he has blessed us with, challenges he gave us to learn more in life, let us convey our apology to all the living beings with a warm heart for now you know that Life is just a journey of few breathes! All it takes is one word from your mouth ‘sorry’ and then see How life flips 180 and gives you another exciting surprise!


Enlightenment, samadhi, one of the most beautiful words to hear and to respect. Enlightenment means to find god and to understand the true meaning of god, understanding the true meaning of 'The whole' and being with whole as one. Enlightenment is a state when you realize that there is nothing more to achieve, nothing more to go and no more way ahead, you cannot know more than this and it’s the end of everything that you always longed for. Samadhi is attained not just by leaving your body or by being in the deepest meditation state. It is attained by ending everything that you hope and expect. Happy and content, content thus happy. To find nothing more than what is found is enlightenment. Finding god means there is nothing more you can find, finding love means there is no more expectation than this, finding truth means there is no bitterness in the truth, acceptance is like a medicine, bitter. Acceptance truth is the best medicine. Enlightenment is to find everything wonderful and joyous. It is the state that makes you realize that you are unique. God is not about the great big picture of spiritualism; it’s about the small details of that big picture. God is not found when you donate plenty of money and be famous for your generosity, god is found when you secretly let one human smile at you, it is when you donate your time to make someone happy. God is not found in offering beautiful flowers, it is found in the fragrance of love that you offer. Winning is not just earning money; it is earning respect more than your money brings with it. Care is not about stopping the one you love from falling, care is when you make them fall and make them realize that there is always a way to get up. Bravery is not going against your enemy with full forge aggression; it is when you make your enemy love you more than your enemy loves himself. Finding god is not deep meditation and lot of spiritual prayers, god is found in the silent thought of bliss. God is not the blossom, it is the tiny bud that waits for a sunshine every morning, let yourself shine. God is not found in statues, it is the faith of the devotee, that turns that statue into the replica of god. God is not a great human being, it is nothing, yet something that is everything. God is not found by donating million bucks towards an animal welfare society, it is when you hug those animals irrespective of germs. Meditation doesn’t help you find god, finding your own self is finding god.

Illusion or Life?

When I say "What we seek is a peace in Life and what we owe are the pieces of life". It simply means that we don't know what we do in our life, if asked to define the word, life; some would call it love, some would say, living every moment, etc. When we were young, we were learning many things, we call it infant life; when we grew a bit we started having friends, we started playing, laughing, crying, etc, we call it school life; When we started bunking lectures, started messing with professors, secretly watching porn, had crush on pals, cried for love, etc, we call it college life; When we shall start taking initiative for our parents and our life, start earning, start to know what is commitment, harsh phase of life, we call it marriage life; When we will play with our grand children, pampering them, shouting at our kids for their kids, seeking support of the beloved ones; When we shall realize that beauty has a tenure, we call it old age life; When we are about to die, we will recall all the things that we did, smiling and content, forgiving and forgetting everyone, you want no one to join you because you still love them and finally you seek peace, a good sleep of your life, we call it end of life. Five sentences called Life with comma, semicolon and full stop at the end.

We just existed, took things as they are, accepting the facts and to move along with them, soon existence will get over. Existence has tenure, life doesn't. Life is a tenure that your soul lives, your body simply exists, following the protocols set by some other existing being, like a slave.

Wake up, morning prayers, work or study, come back home, good night sleep. This is what I call it as ‘Routine’ and not life.

The reason behind discussing this, is to make you realize something and not to make you analyze anything because I believe Life is simple, Life is excitement, in short:

Stop analyzing, start living because Life is simply an excitement to live!

Saturday, 4 October 2008


Under this title, I will speak about my own father, J D. K. D was raised by this noble and gentle man. He is a very patient man, speak very few words when its time to speak really lot however, his few words can somehow make a huge difference, maybe because of the experience he has. He has been more a friend and still calls me a friend, wants me to take him to disc in London and enjoy the life of early 20s again. Life doesn't have a rewind button but there is always an option to return somewhere where you feel sanitized and full of life.
I don't know why people feel that time once gone will never come back, for my father am the medium to bring back that time. He is the man who taught me to walk and was always there even when I didn't call him for help. His presence always made me feel so secure, I am a brave guy, not afraid of anything except few people. While teaching me to walk, I don't what might have gone through his mind, perhaps I will understand when its my time to. There are many phrases and poems in the love of mother. Mother on the other hand has a different class altogether and holds the highest level of respect, love and care; father seems to have been a forgotten entity now. Thought of writing this blog in the name of J. D. the man behind K. D. as his guide, mentor, support system and person who always has a very strong hand towards me when I fall and want to get up. Being mother is not easy but being a father is more difficult. Mother goes through emotional and mental but father goes through mental, emotional as well as physical stress. Morning he wakes up with a thing in mind, I have to feed my family; sacrifising his own world, he thinks of his family first and then about himself. I belong to a middle class family, few years back we went through a worst phase of the life after stock markets crashed, etc. I remember, my shoe started to make my sock stink, I demanded a pair of new shoes, my father was just back from the work, forgetting how tired he was, we both went out and brought an expensive pair of shoes of my choice. I tried the shoes again at home and then decided to throw my old shoes. I went near the show rack just to find that my shoes just stinked but that patient man wore shoes which has a rotten sole and was almost damaged enough to be said cannot-use-even-after-repair. I soon realised the financial condition of my family and felt sorry but didn't feel much. I quickly forgave myself. Few years more and I was in college, had a fight with my girl friend, was depressed, didn't eat and talk much with family members, my father came to me and said, can we talk, I was blunt in saying 'No'. I never realised this at that time. Next day, my fahter came to drop me at the college, my friends stood there in front of the gate, all nicely dressed, me too, about my father, indian chappals, trousers and shirt hanging out, not so cleanly shaven face, I felt awkward and asked him to leave with a smile. I was so dumb, hah! Slowly all the incidents come across my mind and my heart just cries out to say "dad, I am sorry". Tears roll by too. Today, am in London, thousand mile away from my father, have all the freedom, everything that can make me feel happy but still nothing brought me peace. Surely, god is there up in the sky but there is someone who is superior than god himself to me and he is my father. If there is someone who showed me about the god, then he is my father, if there is someone who showed me a path to walk on towards god then he is my father. If I neglect the medium after my purpose, life bears no meaning.
I don't know who you are, whether you are reading this post as an entertainment or as a lesson, just one request from me, never forget or neglect this best gift of god, who is gentle, kind, patient, selfless and called 'father'.