Sunday, 26 September 2010

Walking blindly on Silver Line.

As the sound of soothing shore crossed the deaf ears and the smell of fresh ocean filled the breathe, closed eyes opened and waves were seen going away. Just a matter of time and they came back to the land and left after sometime.. Time out! Thought of family, finance and business; soon everything came back to normal, ears were deaf again and lungs were filled with air rather the freshness of ocean touch. Life of a common man, unread, unsaid and unwanted by the rest of the world.
Time reaps, heals, hurts, loves, cares and lives, even after we are gone and gone for good!
History of the world, we believe it all, based on what? things that we see and hear with blind eyes and deaf ears. Mathematics of the world, based on what? things that we calculate, transact and observe. Every moment of life we live on the silver lining, a hope of the good sect!
Life begins at 40 and death begins at 60, who says? Life begins with freedom, freedom to realize that there is no fear. What you do today is a past the very next second! We preserve our this moment on the same silver lining to better our past of the future.
Falling short of words.. Perhaps you can fill some more....

Monday, 22 February 2010

Indian Cyber Warrior

Yet another bomb blast rocks the city. I will call up my relatives and friends, all are ok. Happens, terrorism.
Next day morning, I fear boarding the train, look around for suicide bombers and check for every luggage in the compartment, no, I am not afraid, I am just...
I walk into the bus and look at everyone, I will not sit near the guy who is wearing a jacket or has beard and white cap on his head, no, I am not afraid, I am just...
I sit for the speeches by the upcoming ministers and join my hands in front of them, they have amazing personalities, they would help me be safe, no, am not afraid, I am just...
I call up my family members if they get late or call up my friends if they get late, actually call rates are down, no, I am not afraid, I am just...
I pray to god and keep reading Geeta / Quran to know when the Avatar/ Imam will come to put an end to terrorism, I have faith in books, no, I am not afraid, I am just...
I look in TV news everyday about blasts, it wasn't in my city today, I feel good but, some more people died, I am fine with it, I look at my family they are alive, no, I am not afraid, I am just...
I sit in garden and look under my seat and look around, children are playing, one of them is mine, then, see him cheering the best of his life, he travels by school bus everyday, I will drop him from tomorrow, no, I am not afraid, I am just...
Today Police checked my bag at railway station, I felt good, they are doing their work, train must be safe, atleast, I can expect it to be safer, I will still check the entire compartment, or as much as I can, no, I am not afraid, I am just... dying... I am living the death only my body is alive.
I am helpless, I pay to the white cap ministers and their children to keep me safe and do something for the law and order in the country and hear it every time, Government already knew about this, Intelligence already knew about this, they why? why am I still suffering? why am I still dying? why do I think about my families death more than their health?
I am a common man. Just, another common man. And now, I wont sit quiet, I will do whatever I can... I cannot reach publications, I will create my own way of publicity, I cannot reach their government, I will make sure, my message is reached. I cannot make my future anymore but, this is not the future, I will give to my children. I am a hacker and nothing can compromise me, not any more... I will fight, I will destroy, I will hit and hit it hard, where it hurts the most; I am not a warrior with guns but brains, I am called, an Indian Cyber Warrior.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Story of H4X0R

Fucked up hearts, smashed emotions and screwed up thoughts, a key, to think, something, in a new way. Understanding the human psyche, getting out of the life's rhythm when days and nights look all the same, sleep, then is no more a need but just a part of nature. I was something else, someone who was more of a saviour and less of the destructor, out of compassion for a new rhythm that life was taking me towards, I kept on walking to find that the saviour is a part of destructor, where the world seemed to be 0wn3d, where everything seemed so alike, everyone were so alike, as words of +++The Mentor+++, everything seemed to be so true. Quotes and phrases, dialogues and speeches, attitude and behaviour, everything seemed to be so same, there was not just one, there were many. No genetics matched yet long lost brothers were found.
Everyone were on the verge of attaining the correct path of nirvana, there was no lust greater than fucking a server, there was no hug greater than a simple smiley, there was no leader, there were no followers, everyone were the same, everyone alike.
I am a saint, no opposite or same gender person can divert my attention. I am under a constant meditation, a constant penance, a constant urge to seek after knowledge, a patience to sustain the failures, a courage to keep myself on, speaking silent words, no greed for materialistic world, infact, my world is no more material world, money cannot buy me, threat cannot stop me and really not so famous in the world.
'I' in this paper is 'one of we', each "I in we" is unique and as usual, I am called "a kid". Yes, I am a kid. The one who learns by himself is a kid, the one who respect others is a kid, the one who has no religious bias is a kid, the one whose intentions are innocent and whose academics has no progress, as a wise one said, "damn kids, they are all alike.".
If one goes the other takes the position. This 0wn3d virtual world, has many destinations but no source.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Rational discussion with a muslim scholar.

Note: I would NOT appreciate any comments against anybody especially comments with swear. A kurdish Muslim wanted to convert me to islamic and to which I asked for rational proofs and the discussion between us. No offense to anyone. Feel free to discuss and debate via comments with open brains. I would not appreciate any negative remark against islam or hinduism both. Be politically Correct, if you think you can make a point.



Part 1 Rational proof for the existence of the creator of all that exists , God.

Reality is what we perceive and know that exists for a fact. What we can sense using our 5 senses e.g. Hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch is that in our reality their exists:

• Man (human beings)
• Life (All life forms other than humans e.g. from microbial to animals and plants)
• The Universe (the planets which collectively form solar systems, which in turn form galaxies and then the whole of the universe including the space that it occupies )

These there entities all have 3 attributes in common:
They are limited
2) LIFE IS LIMITED BECAUSE IT IS ONLY FOUND IN INDIVIDUALS AND IS THUS CONFINED TO INDVIDUALS e.g. I am alive and have life , but my chair has no life. It is a life less object

They are all Dependent on other than themselves for their survival:

1) MAN needs food, water and sleep
2) Life e.g. also needs nourishment form out side itself to survive
3) UNIVERSE is the sum of many atoms which require inter and intra molecular forces to hold it all together and in place

They are all unable to create any physical object without start raw material.
Yet you see the universe exists and from the qualities and attributes that it possesses one concludes that it would be rationally impossible for anything within it to have created itself/ brought itself into existence.

Now where did the universe come from? Well the creator of the universe cannot be limited, dependent on anything and must be able to create out of nothing. He cannot be part of the universe/creation, even though his knowledge is able to encompass it fully.

So the creator must be: Unlimited, Independent, and able to create out of nothing (in fact with the simple command “Be and it becomes”).

When one examines the universe and indeed our own human creation one realizes its complexity and purpose built design. It’s design is intelligent, a fact that ultimately points to the infinite intelligence of its creator. A creator that is living, for dead matter is unable to create.
This unlimited and independent creator is known as Allah/ God.

Some verses form the Quran
Quranic verse surah Ikhlas: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Say: He is Allah, the One;
2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
4. And there is none like unto Him.

Also Surah Al-Mulk:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things.

(1) Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed? [] And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving;

(2) Who has created the seven heavens one above another, you can see no fault in the creation of the Most Gracious. Then look again: "Can you see any rifts?"

(3) Then look again and yet again, your sight will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out.



I appreciate your concern but How is islam related to it, not just islam, entire theism?
Some points that you can clear are:
1. Universe, Man and Life have no limitations.
2. Everything is inter-related and not inter-dependant.
3. There can never be creator as it is absolute.

Did not like my points? Yes, it would not because of the super-conviction from non-material to material and followed by theism was your effort however, read on but make sure, you bear in mind one thing that you are not reading ahead to debate with me (using verses of quran, I would not recommend to debate over any auspicious book, neither quran, geeta, bible, etc) and in no way are we even trying to convert each other. simple?

1. Universe has no limitations, look up at the sky and tell me how far does your vision go? vision is yours, you are human, does your vision have limits? does your imagination has limits? Occupied does not mean limited, and repeated makes it unlimited. Life.. What is life? something that starts with birth and ends with death? then why to believe in life after death? why to believe in heaven or hell, you wont see them nor you believe them? am not making you an atheist but trying to open your eyes towards truth which you have super-convinced yourself to ignore. Limitation is not through existence, limitation is a boundary drawn by you to yourself.

2. Everything is inter-related not interdependent. Even an atom is not dependent on anything, molecules get seperated, atoms split too (if you remember hiroshima and nagasaki disaster), does not mean they get evaporated or disappeared. Body is cremated after death, it is not destruction, infact it is removing the inter-related links of the 5 basic elements that human body is made up of. Quran says, Human was made up of earth, I believe even you know that earth necessarily isn't just one element and existence of earth is inter-related to various aspects including space, fire, itself(earth), wind and water, can you make an earthen pot without fire, water, air, dedication?

3. World began with time and will end with time, anything before time and anything after time is null. You need to read einsteins theory of relativity special and general, if your get sometime do read about rip van winkle in twin paradox.

One simple question:

If he is the creator, who created the creator? now please do not come up with answers like Zakir Naik, as I told you I have muslim friends too, they told me Eve was born through a rib, so who created that rib? Don't you believe in theory of evolution by Darwin? if adam was first then how come his description has a navel on it?
Afraid to even think over what I just said because, of hellfire? well then simple, at the time of 'qayamat', the final battle of Allah vs Satan, there will be resurrection, etc. one simple question, everyone knows who will win!!! (as mohammed even did prophecy of the god itself!) my question is: What happens after qayamat? Allah will be bored, now what to do and what not to, so he will again create Satan, again Human beings, and it will go on.

Muslims always compared Hindu vedas with Quran, well Veda also mentioned "it is absolute, it is omni, it has neither feelings nor desires". Simple question, "If god gets angry to someone who does not pray him, then is he not self-obsessed? like humans???"

I will go on and on... I don't know if you are willing to open your eyes!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

India doesn't DESERVE a saviour

Things happened, happening and will keep on happening. India is a place of war since the start of kalyug, even indian god played politics, its all about empire. Human is still an animal, well, to my notice I would like to mention that being social is being animal, if society exists there is a need of a leader "sattah".
In response to what Harman wrote, I would like to mention that there cannot be a saviour within us because then even this saviour would be listening to some politicians crap, for an instance, if superman has to live in Mumbai, his mother tongue should be Marathi else he will be casted out by Shiv sena. He needs to work only when he is with congress or BJP, as you must have seen, Beloved Advani made his comments saying "Our intellegence system is bad" its not Our, he pointed to Congress who is a ruling party. Advertisements that we seen, one of which some leader from Rajasthan said while also displaying current status of Mumbai"Kya denge aap congress ko vote?" wow, I never knew she had time to 'act' for commercial when Mumbai was still under terror and if superman existed blame would "superman is from congress" lol. Politics will always be the same. People vote with hope that someone will listen to their fears, someone will give them peace, someone will be the one to walk with them, someone who will be their saviour, but, world doesn't deserve a saviour.
Terrorists have won in their motive of terrorizing the innocents, if they don't terrorize they wont be terrorists, you cannot expect good from them nor mercy but, what you expect from people and government, we always need a second thought.
Things were, are and will always be the same, if BJP doesn't rule, congress will, if congress doesn't rule, BJP will and Shiv sena will always show their patriotism when it is valentines day or christmas day because come on, terrorists will kill people, simple but western culture is more dangerous you see...
Sometimes, I feel, I want to write, keep writing, talk and keep talking, shake people and wake them off but, then I loose hope and concentrate on myself because matter of fact is, to speak are many but to listen are none. To save are many but choosing not be saved are us.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Love is Conditional!

Don’t you think, there is something missing in the title? I feel, it’s correct! Love is supposed to be unconditional, take the person and things as it is, without any change, etc. I mentioned this earlier; this column is not about philosophy but about practical things. Love is a poor emotion that faces lot of difficulties after establishing itself, love means joy of living, may be with someone, something, self or god. Love is supposed to make you happy and content, content thus happy; but, we never accept it without doubts, not just love, anything with higher value or anything positive makes us doubt it. Love is conditional, the only condition is to be unconditional. Being unconditional is a condition into itself, similarly; being loved by someone is losing love to the self, think again!

When we say that I love something or someone, we are just exaggerating our feeling to like something, when we like something we do have expectations, compromises and greed. If someone says I love my religion and want to follow it, if you ask him the reason, you will get it! To like without a reason, without expectation, without greed and without compromises is love, practically, it’s a fairy-tale word. So lets forget it.

Learn to like something in a loving way, as I gave an example of a person who says that he loves his religion, once he gets into a craze, he shall ask to forgo everything and attain sainthood. If you ask the reason to attain sainthood, he would say to attain salvation; any answer that has a word ‘to’ shows greed and a reason, a condition. If he is convinced that there is no salvation, path chances in a second. This is how we think; we loose things, important things in blindness or darkness of spiritualism in the name of religion. Love is one of the most beautiful imaginations once someone did, to discover this lovely word. When you want to be loved by someone, you expect that person to love you unconditionally, but, isn’t your expectation, a condition into itself? Think again!

God is asking you to love yourself, not to expect anything, not to be greedy, he shall show you the way to get something that you deserve, love yourself and someone will learn from you and start to yourself. When, I say Love yourself, it should be mistaken as being selfish, because, being selfish isn’t loving yourself as selfishness is a part of greed. Take sometime, ask yourself, What you need? What is lack? What you expect? Are you happy with the self? Talk your own soul, when you don’t talk to someone but with the self, you talk with the soul, the one in you, tell your soul that you will give sometime in a day, know each other, love each other, yet the same. Love in only one condition, of being unconditional.

Mo+ive - Motive

Yet another innovative topic! Mo+ive, which has a message that shows motive is +ive (positive). Anything that makes you grow faster and encourages you in anything is positive. Knowing, a motive makes a man go in a particular direction, and that itself is encouragement that makes you go faster. Nothing is bad and nothing is negative.

Practically, positive and negative both are the same entity but different levels. Motive is always positive.

(Warning: Rack your brains, deep logic ahead!)

When I say positive, I mean anything and everything. If you notice a bipolar pencil battery that has a positive and negative marking and when you test the flow of current, you will realize that there is only positive that is flowing and not the negative. How did anyone differentiate between positive and negative then? Answer is simple, lack of an entity in a particular thing in comparison with the other similar thing makes it negative, charge is present in both the poles but, one lacks in comparison with the other, thus, it is called negative. If I have charge 6 and I have charge 4 then, 6 is positive and 4 is negative; now, I add charge 8, now 6 is negative whereas 8 is positive. Here, I mean to mention is ‘even negative is positive somewhere down the line’. Stealing is negative, but, it is a wonderful art, it is test of smart skills, etc. Stealing is positive somewhere too, but, made negative (that doesn’t mean, your father calls me to complain about his lost wallet tomorrow morning!). Anything that drives you towards anything is always positive, motive is a goal that makes you chase it and attain it.

Have a motive in life, not just life, in year, in a month, in a day and even an hour, even a second. My motive was to write this and I wrote this in 2days, my motive is yet not over unless you get my message. Let us now get into a direction to move, direction to live every second, every breath you take and every breath that is taken away! To live and learn is the motive of Life and the way to do it is, learning to have a motive, that makes you live every moment with joy and smile, nothing is negative, thought is a thought; lack of thoughtful thought is negative, while you meditate, don’t get distracted when you get into some bad things as a part of your powerful imagination, its human, its nature, its just a thought, move on, see what more things to come, if you face a jeopardy in life, its just a part of life, not the entire life! Move on. Keep moving is the way you motivate your motive to live happily ever after!